December 8, 2014




Elder Bates

My First Baptism!

Hola Familia!

Bautizar bautizar por Cristo rey Jesús! Whooo hoooo we had 3 baptisms this Saturday!! Susana Giminez, Rocio Taricco, and Mickaela Taricco. It's a family of three, the mom and her two daughters. Their father passed away a few years ago so he will be baptized in the temple one day! I baptized Susana the mom and another hermano from the ward baptized the two daughters. This week was really good. Most of the week we were preparing the hermanas for the baptism. I had a dream about Susana and in the dream she told me not to worry because she is going to be baptized and she got baptized. But we were a little bit worried because the last time they didn't show up. But the baptism was really good and a lot of people went! It was a great experience to baptize my first convert! There was a spirit very strong at the baptism. The hermanas were really happy especially Susana! She said she is reading a book about Jesus and it says that when people get baptized there is a huge party in heaven so the whole week she was talking about how there is going to be a big party on Saturday. Then Sunday we had a very busy Sacrament meeting. We had a baby blessing of a part member family where the father isn't a member so my companion blessed the baby and I was in the circle. The father is very cool. Right now he is a new investigator and we invited him to be baptized and he said yes if he knows for sure that this is the true church. But he has to get married first. I think he liked the baby blessing a lot so we will see what happens with him this week. Then we had to confirm the 3 hermanas and that was pretty cool! I didn't do the confirming but I was in the circle and it was a cool experience. Well that what happened this week! I don't know if you want to invite Brooklynn to say hello on Christmas or not but let me know what you think about that. We have transfers in one week and right now I'm still in my first area with Elder Bates but one of us is going to leave in a week and we don't know who yet. Everything is going good here is Argentina, except its really hot. I love you guys!

Elder Hansen

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Chelsea Hansen says:
I love ya Dallin it was so great to see you today! Keep up the good work!!!
on December 25, 2014

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