December 1, 2014




Elder Bates

Thanksgiving in Argentina

hola Familia!

my week was pretty good! We didnt have any baptisms this week because its the end of the school year this year and the family that is going to be baptized had a huge party to go to all night saturday so they wanted to wait until the 6th of december to be baptized. so we are planning to baptize 3 people that day! we were hopin for 5 but laura one of our investigators is off and on it seems like. One day she is very interested and wants to be baptized and then seh disapears for a little bit. Its hard with her becasue she doesnt live in our area right now but she did before and we are teaching her in the house of one of her friends. but she is going to move into the ward in the next week or two. for that reason its hard for her to progress because we can only meet once or twice per week but we really need to meet 3 times a week for her to progress good. we are also teaching a guy named lucas and his girlfriend who is less active they are about to have a baby anyday now. But lucas is really interested in the church. he has problems with smoking and he needs to marry his girlfriend so we are working with himn on those things. He went to church yesterday for the first time and without his girlfriend which was surprising that he went but it was pretty cool. he said his girlfriend didnt want to go but he still went alone for his first time. We had a pretty good thanksgiving here in argentina! they dont celebrate it here and i missed playing football and eating pumpkin pie but it was a good day! we ate lomos which is a sandwich here in argentina. Someting really funny is that someone asked us to bless their grandbaby this next sunday! so i got to participate in a baby blessing the same day as charlie and i will participate in one the same day as zia too haha! i thought that was funny! Thanks for the money you put on my card! I hope you guys have a great week! i love you guys!

Elder Hansen


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