September 8, 2014




Elder Bates

Zone Trip to Carlos Paz

Hola Familia!

So my myldsmail account isnt working for some reason so I am just sending you a email from my companions email. You should probably text or call Brooklyn to tell her that and get her email and send her this email. But we had a pretty good week. We are starting to find a few people to teach and we are getting a lot of less active members to the church. This week we had 21. One cool thing that happened was I went on an exchange in a different area and we went to a less active guys house and shared a scripture and bore our testimonies and his mom was there too. At church on Sunday the guys mom went and went up to bear her testimony and said two weeks ago she didn't believe in God but she is thankfull for missionaries to help her remember that. So I thought that was cool. I am having a lot of fun here. We are trying to find more people to teach and we are seeing a few good results. Today we went on a zone trip to Carlos Paz which is a nice city with a lake and a place to do a little hike. It was fun and I took pictures. I am hopefully going to get this fixed tonight and I hope I will be able to email tomorrow. But if not i will email next week. Please call Brooklyn so she doesnt freak out haha. I love you guys. Hopefully tomorrow I will email more but if not I will email next week. chow chow.

Elder Hansen


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