September 29, 2014




Elder Bates

My new companion is awesome!

Hola Familia!
This week was really good! My new companion is awesome and he likes to work! This week we got 4 new investigators which is more than we had the entire last transfer. So we are working hard everyday and walking a lot! One of our new investigators we invited to be baptized on the 11 but she got a little scared so we are going to try for the 18 of October. Her name is Susana and she is a nice lady and her husband died. She says she wants to do the will of God and has been reading a lot from the Bible and our pamphlets that we gave her. She feels the spirit when we teach her. We just need to help her recognise her answer. The other investigators are a family and they are really cool. Yesterday we taught them and they seemed to like it and we are going back on Wednesday to see if they read the stuff we left them to read. We also have been visiting lots of less active members to see why they stopped going to church. Most say they want to come back. The people here are really nice. When we cotact someone on the street they almost always say come over when you want to so we have a lot of people to go see this week and we will have many more new investigators this week. My companion is awesome and talks to everyone. He is from California and plays the guitar and sings. Before the mission he had dread locks and everyone freaks out when they see a picture of that. Yeah we get to watch general conference this weekend but i dont know if they will have it in English or not.. well i hope you guys are all doing good. I love you guys.

Elder Hansen


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