August 19, 2014




Elder Lee

Angel Moroni

Hola Familia,
I am definatley not in america anymore! haha this place is crazy! they drive live they are in an action mocie running from the police or something. I was in a car to go do paper work and the driver swerved into the oposite lane and passed cars when other cars were coming at us! they dont really have rules for dirving here. but its ok becaue i just walk everywhere. i am in the city in Cordoba. its so dirty here but buenos aires was discusting! everyone here smokes pretty much. There is only like 85 people that go to church in my ward. My companion is elder lee from utah. he is pretty cool and has been in this area for 6 months. he knows everone pretty much. I love it here but i cant understand anyone. its not what i learned in the MTC at all. but i am trying. I got to see the angel moroni get put on top of the cordoba temple! the temple is right next to the mission home so i got to see it get put up while i was there to get my new companion. im sorry i wasnt able to call againfrom the air port, the pay phones all sucked and i had no more minuets. but i am here and i am doing good. i havent eatin anything super weird yet but i ate some questionable meat yesterday. but it was good. my apartment is soo small. its smaller than my room. but its good enough i guess. Its spring here so its pretty hot actually. hope all is well. I love you guys.

Elder Hansen


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