August 27, 2018




Elder Morel

Week 56: Week 9 in Belgrano-Investigators Do Exist!

The sun will always come out after it rains. The last 5 weeks have probably been the hardest of my mission. They have been full of disappointment, stress, and a lot more. You could say we were in a terrible storm. But like I said, the rain always stops and the sun always comes out. We saw lots of little miracles this week that led to finding really good people.

It all started Tuesday night. We had made plans to go ministering with a ward member, Raul Villalba. We had planned to go visit the Bishop (Fernando Ferreire) and his family to talk about less active members to visit and stuff like that. Well the Bishop forgot and wasn’t home, but he sent us to go visit some less active members that lived "close". So we walked and walked and walked some more, but we finally got there after 30 minutes. We went to visit the Dominguez family. Then stuff got good. They live in a hotel familiar which is an old house that has been converted into a hotel that people live in. There is only one problem, there is no way to contact the people inside. So we waited outside for a minute or two hoping for a miracle or something.

Well we WERE blessed with a miracle. As we were waiting outside some guy walked up to go inside. I had my back turned to him, but right as he walked past me I felt like I should talk with him. Turns out my companion had the same feeling and started talking with him right as I was going to. This man’s name is Efrain. He is from Venezuela and has been in Argentina for 3 days. We talked for a minute and shared our testimony about el Libro de Mormon and how it could help him and change his life. He was super interested and told us to come back the next day. We were all over that.

So the next day we went back. We were doing divisiones with the counselors in the Bishopric. I went with Sergio Barindelli to visit Efrain while my companion went with Gido Lucas to visit less active members. Sergio and I went into this old house turned hotel and climbed 2 staircases to get to where he lived. Efrain was super happy to see us. He invited us in and we got to meet the people he was living with. We met Samuel and Abraham, who are his cousins or something (I was confused). We talked a little and they said they wanted to learn more. We couldn’t teach a whole lot because of how they lived. Their "apartment" is about the size of my bedroom. In there they have a bathroom, kitchen, and 4 beds. In that apartment 6-10 people (not still sure) live there. Anyway we were super happy about that.

Sunday night we went back to visit them and we found more people there! We went outside and sat on the floor and had a super, super spiritual lesson! We talked about the Restauracion and they were super interested. They told us that they have always been confused why there are so many churches. It was such a good, spiritual lesson.

Sunday we also had a super good lesson with Elder Gomez! We went to visit an inactive member with Elder Gomez and his wife. Let’s just say it was one of the most spiritual lessons I have been in. There is a reason he is a 70. I absolutely love Elder Gomez and his wife!

One of the people we contacted last week in the park, David, we met with him this week and his friends! They live in our building so they live really close. David told us that when he was younger he was close to God, but has drifted away. He said he would like to return to God and start going to church.

Overall it was a really good week. Lots and Lots of miracles. We were super happy and are still happy. I love my mission!

Love you all!
Love Elder Atkinson


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