August 13, 2018




Elder Morel

Week 54: Week 7 in Belgrano-Taken Houses!

Well folks I’m still here in the great Belgrano Ward. WOOOOO! My step son got transfered to Almagro (right next to my first area in Chacabuco) and I am staying here with Elder Morel!

Elder Morel is a little different from other comps that I’ve had because HE HAS MORE TIME THAN ME! He has 21 months in the mission (2 transfers left). He is from Paraguay, is 21 years old, and speaks 5 languages (Spanish, English, Portuguese, Guarani, and Sign Language). He lived in Utah for a year and a half for a foreign exchange program. So yeah he’s a cool kid. He is teaching me Portuguese so I might come home speaking 5 languages also. We get a long super, super well and have a lot of fun together. I’m super excited for this transfer!

It was a tougher week. Almost all of the people we were visiting or had planned on visiting asked us to stop visiting them. So it was a week of finding. We struggled the first few days because literally everyone wanted nothing to do with us! It wasn’t the greatest way to start the transfer, but it started getting better. We started contacting a lot in parks where people are just chilling. This week we are going to get a banner, put it in the park and go with the Young Men to hand out books, pamphlets and cards. The youth are super excited to do that!

Also we are looking for taken houses. No that is not where people get kidnapped and are held for ransom. A taken house is an abandoned house that people move into because they don’t have anywhere to live. Usually there are about 5 or more families living in 1 taken house so if we get in we should be able to find SOMEONE! HOPEFULLY!

But right now Argentina is pretty chill. Last week was a little crazy because of the whole abortion thing. People are protesting to make abortion legal so everyone has been wearing green and green and more green.

Today we are going to a place called Kansas to eat. I’m buying my comp lunch because it was his birthday a week ago. Other than that I don’t have a whole lot to was a boring week. I know it will get more interesting though! Especially being with Elder Morel! Wooo! VAMOS BUENOS AIRES!!!!!!

Love you ALL! Have a great week!
Love Elder Atkinson


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