March 16, 2020

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Miranda Ashton

QUARANTINED - Elder Ashton

Well my family and friends, as the header says, yours truly is quarantined. HAhahaha

It's because this week I started training another greenie, Elder Peart, from St. George, Utah, and for all visitors coming directly from the states there is a new law here in Argentina that they have a mandatory 15-day quarantine all because of this silly coronavirus (I think it's all an overreaction but oh well). We didn't know that and neither did President Orquera until we got a phone call yesterday telling us we are on lockdown in our apartment until Tuesday of next week hahaha so I'm really bored.

So, this week there will be no proselyting for us, just a bunch of puzzles and scripture study in the apartment for the next 8 days.

Anyways, our new area, Metán, is real hype. It's here about 2 hours from Salta capital. The sisters who were here before us didn't leave us any investigators hardly so Elder Peart and I are starting from scratch. But the members here are super hype to have Elders back in the branch, it's been just sisters for the last year or so.

On Tuesday getting together with all the trainers was cool!! President made a big time culture shift where now instead of having inexperienced missionaries train, he wanted quality trainers who have been around the block a bit. Thus, of us 8 trainers, 4 of us were formerly zone leaders. Big time hype. Pics down below from the trainers-greenies meeting.

This week will probably be the most boring one of my life hahaha pray for me please :)


Elder Ashton

PS -- My younger brother Tucker just got his mission call to the Syracuse, New York mission!! Congrats my man!!!


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