March 10, 2020

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Miranda Ashton

***SPAM*** Back To Salta - Elder Ashton

Well friends and family -- yesterday
I found out that I will once again be training and whitewashing!!! A perfect
way to finish my mission -- training a greenie my last 2 transfers! I'm so

I'll be in a town in the middle of
nowhere in the province of Salta called <i>Metán</i>. Sister missionaries
were there previously, so it will be an adventure seeing if they left any
progressing investigators for us.

More updates coming next week for
sure!! Love

weeks email:</b></i>

family and friends!! This week was awesome!! We found some awesome new
people who came with is to church on Sunday!! But the best thing that
happened was the wedding and baptism of the Sarapure Family!!

After a month of
negotiations with the Argentine government, we finally got the go-ahead for
Pavlo and Lorena's wedding!! My comp and I were the witnesses! After the
wedding, they invited us out to their summer house for the after-party (they
are LOADED haha) for some asado and some quality socializing time.

Saturday was their
baptism!! Oddly enough, everything went off without a hitch. The
water heater worked (probably the 3rd time in my entire mission that has
happened), the members actually came out to support (it's bc Pablo and Lorena
have been to church so many times that EVERYONE knows them), and they got
confirmed on Sunday without any problems!! On Saturday, I did, however, realize
that I am an old man when I baptized Pablo. I got him under the water but the
problem was getting him out haha, I think I popped one of my vertebrae out
of place because MAN my low back hurt the rest of Saturday and all of
Sunday haha. I guess I forgot to do my pre-baptism stretch routine haha.

The Sarapura family is
the first complete family I've baptized in my mission. It was an awesome
experience because I know they are gonna have an instant impact on the ward!!
Lorena is a future Relief Society President!

Of the cool news we
found this week that went to church, the highlights are definitely 1. Luciana:
She is a 60 y/o ACTIVE catholic (something that almost doesn't exist here in
South America) who is just the sweetest ray of sunshine ever. She really
admires us and even though she is catholic, she accepted the challenge to read
the Book of Mormon and to go to church bc she "knows the trustworthy and
respectable people" we are. Tomorrow we have a lesson with her. If she
liked church, she will likely be baptized the week after. If she didn't have a
marvelous experience at church, we will likely be forced to "ice
her". So we will see. 2. Fransisco: 21 y/o who believes in and worships
the <i style="color: rgb(29, 34, 40);">Pachamama</i> (mother earth). We will see what happens with

Today we went back to
Purmamarca (see pics). It's the place with the 7-colored hill and whatnot.

Next week will be
transfers, it's pretty forsureforsure that I'm bouncing out. Updates will come
next week!!


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