February 17, 2020

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Miranda Ashton

"Baptist" Gets Baptized

My man Bautista got baptized this week. His uncle baptized him. It was awesome!! The kid is 17 and wants to serve a mission!! He is one of my coolest coverts!! Just such a baller.

This week we were planning on baptizing this girl named Belén whose boyfriend is a member, but yesterday we found out they broke up and she now wants nothing to do with the church RIP.

Besides the baptism, during the week we found LOTS of good new investigators, but the problem is that Sunday rolled around and NO ONE went to church. So that was a little rough but the good news is we have an official wedding date for Pablo and Lorena!! They get married the 28th of February and then baptized the day after with their 8 year old son, Tiziano!! They are golden!!

The Zone Leader frustrations are real. We are trying to get the zone to be more efficient but try as we might, almost all the other missionaries in the zone are in the "comfort zone" and aren't really trying to learn new things. But it's whatever! Hopefully in transfers, President lets me train again, so I don't have to be a Zone Leader anymore.

Staying out here on the grind.

Keep it classy America

Elder Cooper Ashton


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