February 10, 2020

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Miranda Ashton

Rained Out - Elder Ashton

This week was awesome. Lots of rain (and it continues). But that didn't stop the work!!

So this week we had my main man, my fav all time investigator, Bautista, accompany us (his name literally means Baptist)!! He's 17 and we've been teaching him for like 2 weeks now, he's a referral from his uncle in a neighboring ward. He went to EFY 2 weeks ago and got SUPER converted. So he asked us if he could work with us in the afternoons. We of course said yes, and so rather than having a member present in the lessons, we just have an extra investigator present hahaha. He gets baptized this week.

One day he was with us and it started raining kind of hard and the streets got super slippery, next thing you know I slipped and landed super hard on my back and got the wind out knocked out of me haha. While Elder Ecklund and Bautista were laughing at me, Bautista ALSO went down and so we both got super dirty haha. Pics included.

The ward here has gotten SUPER hyped about missionary work. Yesterday this 2nd counselor and the EQ President both came up and thanked my comp and I for the work we've done here in Alto Comedero. From 7 baptisms in the entire year of 2019 to 4 in the first 5 weeks of the year with another one on the way this week.

We are helping out friends, the GOLDEN Sarapura family, get married. It has turned into a TON of work, going to the Clerk of the Court in downtown San Salvador (out of our area) every other morning, trying to Pablo's divorce papers from his previous marriage to go through so we can get them married. But they are progressing super well, yesterday they went to church for the 5th time. They’re more active than most members here hahaha.

Today we played basketball. I'm BADD haha. Ecklund and I were up 9-1 against the zone leaders of the other zone here in Jujuy, and then we let them come back and they beat us 12-10. Sad day :( haha

As always, hyped to continue working here in Alto Comedero.


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