February 3, 2020

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Miranda Ashton

The Zone Mules - Elder Ashton

Hey family and friends, Elder Ashton here again! Alto Comedero is still blowing up. We had Belén's baptism on Saturday. It was also her birthday, so we bought her a cake and sang "Happy Birthday" to her. It was fun.

This last week we went hard and have become the pack mules of the zone, carrying everyone. Now we're just trying to help the zone get better!! This week, we put 11 people on baptismal dates, and had 7 investigators in church.

We also found 14 new investigators, ONE of whom is an elect!! Her name is Fátima, she is 21 and her cousin is a return missionary but somehow she never heard the missionary lessons or went to church. How we found her was like this:

I don't know how many of you have read the talk "4th Floor, Last Door" by Elder Uchtdorf, but basically he tells the story of how the missionaries found his wife. They were contacting an apartment building, and every single person in the building had rejected them until they approached the last door. They knocked on it, and Sister Uchtdorf's mom opened the door to them. They found a golden family, but to get to it they had to go through more than 3 floors of straight rejections.

Well, we were out tracting at 9:20 at night (our curfew is 9:30) and it was rejection after rejection after rejection. I wanted to throw in the towel and just go to the pension but luckily Elder Ecklund NEVER gives up so we kept contacting and there we met Fátima!! She lives like 7 houses down from the church yet she has never seriously talked to the missionaries. She came to church with us on Sunday and really liked it. She was our miracle find of the week.

This week we have zone conference!

See y’all next week!

Elder Cooper Ashton


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