January 20, 2020

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Miranda Ashton

A Baptism a Week - Elder Ashton

A short update this week:

Elder Ecklund and I have the "1+ baptism per week" mindset that President pounded into our head all 2019. In order to have at least one baptism per week, that means we gotta be finding MINIMUM 1 "chosen" who goes to church per week. This last week we found BELEN, this awesome 26 year old girl who went to church with us on Sunday. She has accepted a baptismal date for the 1st of February.

SUNDAY was awesome. We planned a special sacrament meeting a couple weeks ago with the ward council, specifically focused on the investigators. We had EIGHT in church!! So yesterday Elder Ecklund played a special musical number on the piano, and I gave a talk about the Restoration and the importance of it in my life. It was awesome. After sacrament meeting was over, a member, this 25 year old girl, came up to my crying explaining to me that the entire last week she has been in the temple, looking for an answer to her prayer. She said she came home frustrated feeling that she hadn't gotten an answer. But she told me that my talk had been the answer to her prayers. I have no idea what it was that I said that answered her prayer, and I have no idea what her doubt or question was. But it was a testimony builder for me that we can all be the answer to peoples' prayers, if we just do the right things and are worthy.

We baptized Ezequiel this last week. This week up on the block are Analía and Pedro.

Keep it classy, Gilbert.

Elder Cooper Ashton


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