January 13, 2020

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Miranda Ashton

My First (and Hopefully Last) Exorcism - Elder Ashton

This week was awesome!! Elder Ecklund and I are just going beast-mode -- busting doors down, teaching a bunch of 2nd lessons, are we're constantly expanding and trimming our teaching pool.

This week in companionship study, we hit Jacob 5 in the Book of Mormon. The allegory of the tame and wild olive trees can be interpreted in many ways. But, we interpreted it, in a missionary sense, and compared the vineyard to our teaching pool (the group of people we are currently teaching). Lots of times, we gotta cut off the branches that aren't producing fruit and burn them in the fire, AKA drop investigators that don't progress (or as Elder Ecklund puts it "ice 'em"). If we continue pruning the vineyard effectively, we'll get to a point where all the trees are producing good fruit. This is what's happened to our teaching pool recently. We now have baptisms lined up for the next 3 weeks, with a lot of potentials well on their way.

We got to do interchanges this week with the Belgrano Bois! I was with my man Elder Mikolajcik and we grinded. Funny moment of the interchanges was when Elder Mikolajcik was messing around with my name tag during companionship study and put it on. Then we both forgot about it. Well, when we left the apartment, it only took us 3 blocks to realize he was still wearing my name tag. Haha fun times (pics).

This week we had Juana's baptism!! It was awesome! This is also where the exorcism occurred. So background info: We've been teaching Juana for about 2 and a half weeks. She is a little unstable in the head, which is why we've always taught her in members' houses or in public parks. She claimed she had demons, and literally every lesson we had, she would mention the demons. I just always ignored it, personally I prefer not to believe in that kind of stuff haha. But after her baptism on Saturday, she had a 180° change and since that moment, I have not heard her mention demons anymore. Her countenance completely changed and she became a lot more positive. Idk if that technically counts as an exorcism, but I can definitely say the demons are gone :)

The member work is going great. We are getting a ton of referrals, and the members are really participating in missionary work. This coming Sunday we organized a special sacrament meeting for the members to bring non-members where there will be talks that investigators will understand (nothing about baptisms for the dead, EFY, or Joseph Smith-Translation haha). So this Sunday we hope to have a lot of new friends in church!!

Loving the mission!! Life is too good for us right now in Alto Comedero.

Elder Cooper Ashton


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