December 16, 2019

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Christmas Conference and Zone Leader Problems - Elder Ashton

Hola family and friends!! This week was a crazy one!! Here's the rundown:

Tuesday we went to my old romping grounds, Salta, for a Christmas conference with half the mission!! It was so fun to see all my old friends, including my son Elder Lopez (who is now a branch president and is training a new missionary!). It was super hype.

Thursday, the sister training leaders started feuding with us saying we were a bad influence on the zone (most of the roasting was directed at my companion Elder Ruiz because he's been the edgier one).

Friday, we had to go and do baptismal interviews in the far away land of San Pedro!! On the way back I had an "only in Argentina" moment when us 3 missionaries (because we were in a trio) plus 2 drunk guys and 1 sleep deprived taxi driver all crammed into a remis trucho (unapproved be the government taxi) and had a wonderful hour-long car ride back to Alto Comedero from San Pedro (check pictures). I couldn't help but laugh.

Saturday, we went to the sister training leaders' area, Palpalá, to help them with a capilla abierta (open chapel) where we resolved our differences I think.

Yesterday, we were up until 1 in the morning dealing with transfer information, it was CRAZY. Honestly, being a zone leader up until now has been pretty chill, but MAN transfers kill. I had to coordinate the exits and arrivals of 20 different missionaries. And man, when I saw what my new zone looks like, I had a hard time sleeping last night hahaha. I'm training a new zone leader, Elder Ecklund. I'm pumped because he is known as the hardest-working and most baptizing missionary in the mission. The problem is that because of transfer issues, he doesn't get here until Friday. All 3 of the district leaders in my zone have left the zone and we have 3 new ones, and boy oh boy let's just say I'm worried about the obedience of our zone this transfer. Hahaha pray for me and the Jujuy Campo zone please.

Until Friday, I'll be in another trio, this time with Elder Parker and one of the new DLs, Elder Riveros.

In other pictures, you will see me and Elder Chirinos returning all the Tupperware’s that we have received lunch in for the last 2 weeks (for some reason the members here don0t like us to eat lunch with them so they just give it to us in Tupperware and we eat it in our apartment). Also you will see farewell pictures of the legendary trio, Elder Ruiz, Elder Chirinos, and yours truly, Elder Ashton. See also; random pics from the Christmas conference, a dinosaur statue, and assorted pictures from the Leadership conference a couple weeks ago.

Happy week before the week of Christmas!!!

Elder Cooper Ashton


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