December 9, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

This Transfer Has Flown - Elder Ashton

folks, it's Elder Ashton out her coming at you in the last week of my first
transfer here in Alto Comedero. Honestly, it's gone by too quick. I think
because we've been so busy all the time.

This last week was
solid. We found some LIT new people, with probably the golden investigator
being Miguel Lopez. Some of the sister missionaries contacted him a couple
weeks back and sent us the referral, but it took us forever to find him.
We'll this week I found him in interchanges with Elder Clark. We invited
him to church and BOOM. He went to church.

We did some baptisms
in the sisters' area, Perico, because they asked us to baptize. We also did
service as a zone (without one district) in a government kind of halfway
house for kids that have been taken from their parents because the parents are
abusive or drug addicts. We sang some Christmas songs and passed some quality
time with kids. I passed most the time with Gabriel drawing. It was lit.

Next week I'll be
writing to y’all with a new companion, but it's for sure for sure that I’m
going to be staying here in Alto Comedero for at least 2 more transfers. WOOOO

Love y’all.

Elder Cooper Ashton


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