December 2, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

Another Curse Broken - Elder Ashton

This week Elder Ruiz and I broke the Alto Comedero curse -- we baptized for the first time in this area in 6 months. We got to help Alejanda to enter into the waters of baptism!! She was so excited to get a fresh start in her life.

Unfortunately, we had a bad Sunday and we had NO investigators in church on Sunday. Which means no baptisms this Saturday :( But it wasn't just us with the bad Sunday, the entire mission had a bad Sunday because Sunday morning the entire mish got hit with a giant rainstorm, and when it rains, it means Argentinos stay in their houses haha love the country.

I'm in a trio!! Yesterday Elder Ruiz and I got a missionary emergency transferred with us. Elder Chirinos from Venezuela. He’s a baller. The problem is that now we have to rotate working between our area and his, Monterrico, which lays an hour away in bus. So these last 2 weeks of the transfer we're going to be doing a lot of splits with members so we don't lose the work time in our area.

This last week I got to do divisions with Elder Parker from Georgia. The kid's a stud, he only has 6 months in the mission and is adjusting really well.

Tonight we start divisions with the San Pedro Elders!! I'm pumped to be with my boy Elder Clark, from Boseman, Montana.

That's all I got for today, I'm a little short on time because we have to be in San Pedro in an hour and a half. I love you all!!

Love, Elder Ashton


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