November 18, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

ALTO COMEDERO - Elder Ashton

ALTO COMEDERO is the name of my area. Translated it means high feeder.

My area is what we would call porquería. It hasn't baptized in over 6 months -- weird because zone leader areas are supposedly the best in the mission. But we'll be turning that around next week, we're expecting 2 baptisms December 30 if the people go to church.

Elder Ruiz and I get along great. We're both really laid-back which helps when you have an entire zone to worry over.

Our zone, Jujuy Campo, is GIGANTIC. We waste a TON of money and lose a TON of work time in our area traveling to visit other companionships in the zone. The farthest area is 4 and a half hours from ours. And at some point in each transfer, we have to visit every companionship of Elders in the zone.

This week we'll be having zone conference and interviews with president, and we'll have to travel to do baptismal interviews.

Today we went to Purmamarca. It's this touristy place in the middle of the desierto jujeño. It's famous because there's a hill with 7 different colors in it. Super cool.

The members here are awesome! They come with us to visit our investigators. There's a ton of RMs in the ward so they always help. But the people of Jujuy are more difficult. We don't have a lot of success contacting like I did in Manantial. But we found a couple good people last week so it's all good.

Love you all. Happy week before Thanksgiving.

Elder Cooper Ashton


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