November 4, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

Weirdest and Craziest Week of my Mission - Elder Ashton

So, if you remember last week, I said I was excited for the coming week because finally I was gonna be able to work in my own area this week without any interruptions. Hahahaha that didn't happen.

Thursday morning, Elder Cooper woke up with a strong pain in his lower abdomen. We went to the hospital and was diagnosed with appendicitis. They scheduled to operate on him at 7pm but I had to go back to my area on splits with an Elder from my district to get some baptismal interviews done. Long story short, the surgery went well, they took out Elder Cooper's appendix, I spent all Thursday night and Friday in the hospital with him. Then, President Orquera came and picked him up and took him to Salta to rest for the rest of the transfer. He left me without a companion, so all Saturday, Sunday, and all this week I work with members from my ward. It's been SO crazy. Pulling off a baptism without a companion was crazy.

The baptism in itself was awesome, Cristian, my convert of a little over a month got to baptize his younger brother Lucho, and now their mom is interested in listening to us (she wasn't before).

Sad that that's the way Elder Cooper and I finish, he's become one of my best friends (we're gonna room together at ASU). He couldn't be at the baptism of Lucho Saturday and is gonna miss Florencia and Manuel's wedding this week:(

Speaking of Manuel and Florencia, going over the baptismal interview with them, we discovered that Manuel had a problem with the law and is currently on probation, which means he can't be baptized:( RIP. But I still plan on baptizing Florencia this week if she's up for it.

Transfers next week. If I don't write Monday it's because I'm traveling to my new area. I'm gonna miss Manantial SO much. I've become basically a regular member here, haha even more so now that I don't have a companion. Sunday bishop joked around asking if I wanted to go on the ward temple trip.

Loving life

Elder Cooper Ashton


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