October 28, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

Manantial Miracles - Elder Ashton

This week was awesome!

Because of some injuries that the Zone Leaders suffered, they are no longer able to use their bikes. So, they are loaning them to us so we can get some efficient work done here in Manantial. It's been AWESOME flying from appointment to appointment. Don't worry mom, we're using helmets. This week we found 23 new investigators, put 4 baptismal dates, and put 2 on a marriage date.

Manuel and Florencial are gonna get married the 7th!! We volunteered to do all the paperwork for the wedding so we spent 6 hours in archivos this Friday and then all morning today we were in the registro civil. I'm super pumped to get them married because very few missionaries are ever able to get people married here. The Argentinos are pretty stubborn when it comes to convivir. This'll be the first time I get people married in my mission. After their marriage on the 7th, they'll get baptized the 9th.

Lucho and Axel, little brothers of a few of my recent converts, are getting baptized this week. LIT.

Tucumán (the province I'm in right now) is on FIRE. 102ºF with 36% humidity. We're in the middle of a province-wide blackout too so no AC. This computer is hooked up to a generator hahaha.

I'm excited to spend a full week, without interruptions, in Manantial this week.

Yesterday were the presidential elections of Argentina. The current president, Mauricio Macri (think Trump), got his booty whipped by the socialists, Alberto and Cristina Fernandez (think Hilary-level corruption with Bernie-level socialism). This country is messed up. With the crisis in Chile right now, I wouldn't be surprised if Argentina descends into the same chaos soon. The country's inflation has already tripled since I've been here. Hahaha can't wait to see what's next.

Even though the mission is on fire and Argentina is on a downhill slope, I'm LOVING my mission right now. I wouldn't be anywhere else.

Love you all.

Elder Cooper Ashton

Mom glossary:
Archivos – records
Registro civil – civil registration
Convivir – living together


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