October 21, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

We Met A Murder - Elder Ashton

So, this week was "pretty sweet I guess". It was actually pretty average. I did interchanges with Universitario, an area in my district. Today we went to an animal reserve. Sunday was Mother's Day in Argentina. And contacting this week, we found a murderer.

So the murderer's name is David. David recently got out of prison 6 months ago. 16 years ago he killed 2 men because, according to him, they were abusing a woman. Only recently did they find out that he was the killer. So he was sentenced to 24 years in prison, but, because the Argentine justice system is so great, he was let out after only serving a year because while in jail he finished his law degree. HAha love 'tina. He knows Chinese, Japanese, English, Portuguese, Korean, and Russian. So that was a scary contact. He explained how you can kill a man with a pressure point on the back of the hand, and then told us that that is why in Asian cultures you bow and don't shake hands. When we finally ended the contact he extended his hand to shake mine and I just bowed at him HAHAHa. Unique experience.

This Sunday are the presidential elections here in Argentina so big time RIP. The guy who is projected to win, Alberto Fernandez, is a high-key socialist (imagine Bernie Sanders but chubbier, younger, and more radical) so we are full-out preparing for the country to collapse here pretty soon. Just this last week the peso argentino de-valued and 1 dollar is now worth 59 pesos. So everything is SUPER expensive. And the Argentines blame it on us, the Americans, and not their crappy economic system. People have been especially hostile to us lately #prayforthewhitebois

We've been teaching Manuel and Florencia for a while now. They have been living together for 6 years now, unmarried, and up until a week ago, had 2 kids. Well Florencia FINALLY had her kid (I've been describing her as "re embarrazada" for forever now) and now Florencia and Manuel are willing to get married!!! So in these my last few weeks in Manantial we're gonna be planning and bringing to pass my first marriage in the mission!!! WOOO

Mother's day was pretty wild. Instead of, idk, honoring mothers, the men of Argentina decided to do nothing haha so when we went around giving out mother's day gifts to the sisters in the ward who have treated us well. They were really surprised. That made me feel good.

We also had interviews with President. He told me that FOR SURE I'm outta Manantial in 3 weeks. Hahaha we had a good laugh about me staying here for 4 transfers (it's kinda unheard of in our mission).

Other than all that it's been pretty normal. We're struggling to get investigators to church so pray for us so that we can get better in that. Love you all!

Elder Cooper Ashton


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