October 7, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

An Unremarkable Week - Elder Ashton

week, as my title says was pretty unremarkable. I got sick, went to the
hospital, got better. I spent a fair amount of my personal study time writing
the BYU application essays. We watched General Conference. It was pretty sweet
I guess. My favorite talk was Bednar's about the cheetahs. He alluded to the "spiritual
crocodiles" talk by Boyd K. Packer which is one of the best talks ever.

The cool story of the
week was finding Ricardo and Vilma. So we got a call from some members saying,
"Elders! One of the people we know has asked us twice to send you guys to
visit him". They gave us his phone number and we wasted no time in
visiting them. They are SO prepared. We asked them why they wanted us to visit
them and they told us how they had visited many churches during their lives
(they're both 56) but had never felt that they had found the true one. Hahaha I
was so happy to hear that. They went to General Conference. They seemed to like

The work continues in
Manantial. I'm glad I get to spend the rest of this transfer here in what is my
favorite area of my mission. I hope to continue baptizing in these next 5

Thanks for the love
and support. I really am enjoying the mission experience and I'm grateful to
all who helped get me here.

Mom notes:

He was sick with
strep. He received antibiotics and is doing much better.

The red, white, and
blue shirt he is wearing is one that his zone created for their mission. He and his companion are currently designing
an new t-shirt for their zone.


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