October 1, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

????? - Elder Ashton

So, I know last week I said I was preparing to get transferred today, but we got transfers and... I'm staying in Manantial for another 6 weeks with Elder Cooper. haha there must be a lesson the Lord wants me to learn here in Manantial.

We baptized Aaron this week. He has ADHD so it was ROUGH teaching him. But, Elder Cooper and I got creative and taught him with a game that we made.

Today's a boring p-day, we're just spending it in the bus terminal saying goodbye to the missionaries leaving the 3 Tucumán zones.

I grabbed a cactus this week because I thought it didn't have any spines. HAha I learned my lesson on that one and am STILL picking the little things out of my fingers. I'm a doof.

I'm still district leader. Here in the pictures is a picture of my district as of last transfer.

We went to Salta because I lost my wallet a few weeks ago. So, I had to do paperwork to get a new national document. It was fun to hang out with the office missionaries. My old companion, Elder Holmes, is the new secretary of materials so I got to hang out with him a little bit.

This week is general conference!! So pumped, this'll be the 3rd conference in my mission! Time is going by so fast.


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