September 23, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

Can You Get Tired of Tracting? - Elder Ashton

So, as the title implies we tracted a POOP-TON this week. Very little success. BUT, we saw a couple of interested people with a new contacting method we've been doing, contacting the people with little Book of Mormon pass-along cards. It's really helped us sort through the people who don't really care, and the people who really have their interest piqued hearing about another book of scripture besides the Bible.

So, this week our zone leaders asked every area in the zone to focus on 1 or more people who can get baptized this Saturday the 28th. I was kind of indifferent about it at first, because I felt pretty comfortable resting on my laurels and leaving a couple baptisms for Elder Cooper and the new companion he gets next transfer. The pride in me was saying "Don't worry about it Elder Ashton, you already baptized 12 people in Manantial you don't need any more". Well miracle led to miracle and I came to the realization that my work isn't done here in Manantial yet. My boy Aaron went to church Sunday. 9 year old son of an inactive member we're reactivating.

This week I’m going be doing my best to enjoy my last little bit in Manantial. I've been blessed more than I deserve here and my companions and I have had a lot of baptisms. Grateful to have been able to serve here.

----Elder Ashton


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