September 16, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

Changes - Elder Ashton

Hello family and friends, this week was another awesome one for Elder Cooper and I. It was interesting and full of miracles and a few changes.

So, starting Tuesday of last week, Elder Cooper and I have been waking up 30 minutes early (6:30am) to go running. I want to get rid of my "pansa" (belly) and Elder Cooper REALLY wants to avoid getting chubby in the mission so he was eager to start with me. The week of running culminated Friday when we had splits with Universiatario, and we RAN the 5.7 kilometers (3.6 miles) to their apartment. It might seem like something small but it's a pretty big thing for a missionary who has gone 1 year and 3 months without any real exercise hahaha.

So, in splits with Universitario, I ran into my old friend Elder ______. If you remember, right before these last transfers he escaped, left his companion and I was up well into the night hunting for him. He is no longer a missionary. He was sent home, but now he's back here in Tucumán, doing BAD stuff. So I got to have a "bro chat." It was a saddening thing, and a reminder that I always need to do my best to have the Spirit to be with me.

We also had interviews with President. Not too many hints on transfers but you would expect me to leave Manantial in 2 weeks just because I've already been here for a while.

We baptized Oriana!! Next up is her family in a couple weeks. They all went to her baptism and church!!

This week is going to be filled with a bunch of tracting because we literally have NO investigators right now. Baptized all of em hahaha.


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