September 2, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

A Bad Week...With 2 Baptisms - Elder Ashton

Whaddup family and friends, it's your boi Elder Ashton out here on the grind. This week was rough but at the same time rewarding and here's why:

R.I.P. Nico: So one of my good friends here in the Manantial Ward is Nico Suarez. He was always super cool, always hung out with us on pday, knew magic tricks, knew how to beatbox and to sing. A baller. Well this last week, he was out in a lake playing with his buddies when he had an epileptic seizure (in the water) and his friends couldn't get him out so he drowned. REALLY sad because we are super good friends with him and his family and they were an absolute wreck. He was 20 years old and preparing his mission papers. RIP.

Cool part of the story is that his family has taken it really well. They invited ALL of Nico's friends to church on Sunday and so the chapel was filled to the brim. Normally we have church attendance of 90-100 people. Well yesterday we had 163. AWESOME.

President Nelson hits 'tina: The same night that Nico passed away, President Nelson visited Buenos Aires and so in our stake center we watched the transmission of the special conference. He went with Elder Cook and I think everything he said was the same standard stuff he's been saying on his tours to the South American countries, namely "keep the commandments and do family history work". Sister Nelson's talk put me to sleep (it was about family history) and then she totally called me out with her comment "if hearing about family history work puts you to sleep your attitude needs to change". Good on her.

Baptisms: We baptized Sergio and Cristian this week, 2 future "Elders of Israel". These guys are both studs, both were references from members. Sergio is the boyfriend of a divorced member in our ward, Nora, and so he was a super easy baptism, she had already explained him everything. Cristian was the reference from my recent convert, Natalia, and the road to his baptism was more difficult. He had to get rid of his piercings and give up smoking, but the boi came through.

Current State of the Area: Our area is in a bit of a pickle right now, considering that we have just about baptized up all of our investigators. Now we got to put our shoulders to the wheel and "push along", trying to find new people to teach.

Other than all that, it was a pretty normal week. Tomorrow we've got zone conference which'll be cool, I'll get to see my main man Elder Pendlebury. I love you guys, talk to you next week!!

Elder Cooper Ashton


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