August 27, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

New Companion, New Success - Elder Ashton

Another day another dollar. Elder Ashton out here in Manantial, Tucumán, Argentina. Saw our fair share of miracles this week.

My Companion: Elder COOPER (still can't get over the fact that his last name is my first name) got here Tuesday at 3am. Which made 2 days in a row for me going to bed at 3am, with the shenanigans from when one Elder in my district left his companion Sunday night. Anyways, Elder Cooper is from the far-away land of MESA, ARIZONA. His dad is an ambassador so he's lived in a bunch of random European countries for like 4 years. He played football in high school. He is gonna go to ASU. Hahaha so needless to say we have a lot in common.

He reminds me a lot of myself when I started the mission. Quiet, reserved, wants to work a ton, not to sociable. It's weird taking myself back in time to when I had recently got in the mission field, a little over a year ago. Time flies.

More Baptisms: So this week we started teaching Sergio, the 51 year old SUPER rich boyfriend of a member of our ward. Technically he doesn't live in our area so we're robbing him from the sister missionaries in Yerba Buena. Then we will also be baptizing Cristian, friend of Natalia, one of my converts that got baptized like a month ago. We're trying to help him stop smoking so he can get baptized ASAP. Ballers the both of them. Pray for them please.

It was a normal week of work. I'm still loving my area, there are so many people to teach and baptize here. Honestly I never want to leave hahaha. Thanks for reading!

----Elder Ashton


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