August 19, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

Transfers - The Boys Are Done - Elder Ashton

Well family and friends, it has been a GREAT 3 months with my boi Elder Pendlerbury, but the man is moving on. The guy is whitewashing and training (like I did in Frías) in another area here in Tucumán. My new companion (who's not here yet, I have to pick him up at midnight tonight) is named Elder COOPER (WHATTTT, his last name is my first name!!). I'll be his 2nd companion in the mission.

I sent off my boi Elder Pendlebury with a baptism this last Saturday, we finally baptized Luba!! The baptism in itself had it's fair share of complications (she fell asleep an hour before and got to her own baptism late haha #stress), but the Young Women of the ward came in CLUTCH and supported the heck out of her at the service (including her sister, Solana, who we baptized a couple weeks ago).

Late last night we had adventures because one of the Elders in my district left his companion and went adventuring alone #rulebreaker so good 'ole District Leader Elder Ashton was out around looking for him and after we found him, making sure his companion didn't beat the trash outta him, keeping the tensions calm and everything. So we didn't make it back to our apartment until like 12:30 at night. Then I had to help Elder Pendlebury pack and clean the apartment until 3 in the morning. Then we got up at 7 this morning to make sure the Sisters got on their busses for transfers and everything. All in all I am WHIPED hahaha but having a blast.

Next week I'll be letting you all know more about my new companion when I've actually met him. Loving life.

Elder Ashton


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