August 12, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

A Very Interesting Week Indeed - Elder Ashton

Well our week was very lit. And surprising. We started the
week planning 2 baptisms. And ended the week with a big ole goose egg. Fatima
just never showed up for her baptismal interview (frustrating because we have
invested SO much in her. We've been trying to baptize her for forever and just
when we thought she had made up her mind and decided, she just disappears). We
had to postpone Luba's baptism for the 3rd week in a row, this week due to
"female problems" RIP. Just got to laugh about it hahaha.

Yesterday a sister literally almost DIED in the middle of
sacrament meeting. A combination of diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer
made her pass out in the middle of the administration of the sacrament. The
members wouldn't let my comp and I do anything, even though we are both former
lifeguards and Elder Pendlebury is a nurse’s assistant. They wouldn't even let
us call an ambulance. They only let us give her a priesthood blessing and shewed us back into sacrament meeting. She ended up getting more or less good enough
to go back home, but it definitely was a sacrament meeting I'LL never forget.

This week is Pendlebury and I's last week together, President
confirmed that next week the bros are getting broken up;( so we doing our best
to have a BLAST these last couple days. The guy has high key been my favorite companion and I'm grateful that we got to be together for a whole 2 transfers, he's going
to tear it up wherever he goes next.

I love the mission, time is going by too fast. My trainer, Elder
Gustafson, goes home next week. Real fast.

Till next week.

----Elder Ashton

p.s. here's the pictures of the highlights from the last couple


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