August 5, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

Fun - Elder Ashton

is too good my friends. God is good. The mission is also good. The baptisms,

This week we baptized
Miguel, the STUD I talked about last week. And the sisters that we share the
ward with had a guy who wanted to get baptized, and he wanted me to baptize
him, since I did the baptismal interview for him. René.

Today we did YOGA with
the sister missionaries (LIT) and we ate asado (barbecue) after with our WML.
Lit pday.

As of right now I am
continuing with my IN-DEPTH personal study of the New Testament. I love the New
Testament a lot because of the personal look we can get into the life of
Christ. Right now I'm in 2 Corinthians and I am loving it.

As time has gone on
I've learned to have fun and enjoy the mission. It's easy to have fun when
you're successful, but when you have rough days, can you still have a blast?
Yes. 1 Timothy 4:12 says we should be an "example of the believers".
So if we truly are believers, we gotta be HAPPY. Why? Because Christ was happy.
So that's what I'm working one now. Being HAPPY.

I know I promised
pictures this week but I got stuck with the same crappy computer so it looks
like I'm not gonna be able to yet hahaha sorry.

Mom Note: I'm pretty disappointed about no pictures again. I found this picture from a leaders conference a while ago.


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