July 29, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

Meeting Goals, Working with Members, AND MORE BAPTISMS - Elder Ashton

So I'm convinced that Manantial is the best area in the WORLD.
We literally just walk down the street and people contact US. Elder Pendlebury and I didn't even do a single contact this week and we STILL found a bunch of new friends to teach. People are appearing out of nowhere and asking to be baptized. I never want to leave.
So Pendlebury and I, at the beginning of this last transfer, set the goal to baptize every week this transfer, and MAN are we meeting it. The goal is getting wrecked. I baptized Natalia this last week. It had some complications like the fact that there was no water in the church so we had to postpone the baptism a day (it was gonna be Friday but we moved it to Saturday morning).
2 more baptisms this week, Miguel, who is a miracle. We had lunch with him a week ago, and this guy has heard all the lessons 7 times. His wife is a member, his daughter too, but no missionaries have been able to dunk him. Well we just asked him why he never got baptized -- he says he's never felt the need to do it. We then explained the blessings of baptism, and were like "You want those blessings bro?" and he was like "Yeah, I guess so. When can I get baptized?" Haha hilarious. After 5 years of missionaries trying to baptize the guy, that's all it took. He gets baptized tomorrow at 4 in the afternoon. Then Saturday we baptize Luba.
This Sunday we had a cool experience of working with the members. So personally, I've always hated working with the members. I've never felt like it's effective and I've always preferred to work alone. So lots of the members in Manantial have been wanting us to visit them and I have been politely declining, saying we're too busy (facts). Well I think God wanted to show me how prideful I've been and so we went to visit the primary president and her inactive husband. Well there we discover that they have a son who wants to be baptized (9 years old), and the inactive husband was ward mission leader 4 years ago, when the missionaries averaged 4 baptisms a week. He is gonna get active so he can baptize his son and next Sunday he's gonna accompany us to a bunch of people who got baptized in his time as WML (ward mission leader) who have people we can baptize. I felt like God smacked me in the face and was like "DUMMY don't get puffed up". I learned my lesson hahaha.
Loving life as always. Good luck to all the people who start school in the coming weeks. I don't envy yall hahaha. Love you. No pics because this computer is stupid. Next week.
Elder Ashton


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