July 15, 2019

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It's Raining Baptisms - Hallelujah! - Elder Ashton

family and friends! It was a GREAT week back here in Manantial. Elder
Pendlebury and I staying out here on the grind, pulling baptisms, finding new
investigators, and LAUGHING a ton.

So, this week we
baptized Solana, the girl I talked about last week!! She overcame so many
things and get baptized. She's a BALLER and one of my cooler converts.

The actually execution
of the baptism was HIGH KEY sketchy: We got to the church at 11am to start
filling up the font for the baptism at 6pm. ABSOLUTELY NO WATER PRESSURE in the
church building. Only a trickle comes out. But we figured since we got a 7-hour
head start on it, it would still be full enough for the ordinance. But we come
back at 4 to check on everything and it's not even close. We're talking a foot
of water. So, Elder Pendlebury and I got to work filling up buckets of water
from the neighbor’s house and running them into church. We got it full enough
and Elder Pendlebury only had to baptize Solana 3 times hahahaa because her
knees kept coming out of the water. Funny but stressful hahaha.

Friday I was in Salta
because we had a leadership conference for all the new-ish district leaders,
zone leaders, and sister training leaders. It was cool. I got to see a bunch of
my friends, and learn a TON of stuff.

Today, we played
soccer for p-day, which is always a humbling experience haha. I have a headache
for trying to do a header and my left wrist is a little swollen because I tried
and failed miserably to do some slide tackles. Hahaa I prefer basketball.

This week we're gonna
have another baptism, and in the coming weeks, even more. Manantial is just
raining baptisms and I'm just enjoying it while it lasts. Love the mission.

Elder Ashton


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