July 8, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

Transfers - Elder Ashtons

So, this week was a good one for Pendlebury and I! We were totally expecting to get broken up. So, we tried to make it the funniest week possible. Pendlebury said goodbye to everyone. Then, Sunday night rolls around, and we hear...

That Pendlebury and I are staying together for another transfer!! We were SO pumped to hear that because we are killing the game here in Manantial and are preparing a TON of people for baptism, including...

SOLANA. Solana is this 15 year old girl my companion and I found contacting like a month ago. We knocked her door. She came out, brought out chairs for us, and listened to us as we taught Lesson 1, The Restoration. During the lesson she pulled out a cigarette and lit it up. 15 years old. We found out that she drinks, hates her family, and has dropped out of school. She doesn't like asking people for forgiveness. Well, as the weeks have gone by, she has been making big time changes in her life. She has now gone 5 days straight without a cigarette or alcohol. She's reading the Book of Mormon everyday even though she doesn't like to read because she never really learned how to read very well (which lead to her dropping out of school). I'm so proud of her and for all the changes she's making in her life, and I'm SO excited to see her enter into the waters of baptism this week. She says she wants to serve a mission and share with people what we've shared with her :')

Today, we went to Tafì del Valle again. This time with the boys from Universitario and PAPI RAUL. Papi Raul is a super cool guy who lives right above the Elders of Universitario. He knows the church is true and LOVES the missionaries. But, he doesn't want to give up his worldly vices. But, a HILARIOUS dude, and today was a blast. Pictures attached.

Gotta fly, thanks to everyone for all the prayers and love you send my way. Life is a dream.

Elder Cooper Ashton


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