July 1, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

Teamwork Makes the... Baptisms Work??? - Elder Ashton

Whaddup family and friends!!! I'm a little short on time this week because we went on some SERIOUS P-DAY excursions to Tafí del Valle (pictures coming your way).

BAUTISMOS: Elder Pendlebury and I baptized, Karen, Poala, and Abi this week!!! It was an awesome experience, I got to do the ordinances of Karen and Poala and man every time I feel the spirit so strong. The mission is amazing.

So, we combined the baptismal service with the sisters' 4 baptisms, for a total of 7 converts baptized in the same ward on the same day. It was amazing!!

Tafí del Valle: a paradise in the middle of nowhere!! Llamas, lakes, hikes, and a TON of fun. Check the pictures.

More next week I promise, I love yall!!!

Elder Ashton

Mom notes: Tafi del Valle is a Swiss like town west of Tucuman. The bus ride there was quit a climb
as it is located 1,976 meters above sea level.
Cooper said the hiking was rough because of the altitude. But, he said it was the most beautiful place
he has been in Argentina.


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