June 24, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

Paradise - Elder Ashton

HOLA to all my friends and family. This week was another great one for Elder Pendlebury and I. Lots of tracting combined with a KNOCKOUT cold I caught combined with prepping a baptismal service -- my first here in Manantial.

So, a couple of President Orquera's new "Standards of Excellence" for the mission are that we talk with at LEAST 20 people per day, and that per week we find at LEAST 24 new friends to teach. So, Pendlebury and I have been going out of our way to hit the 20 contact goal daily and we ALMOST hit the 24 new friends goal -- we found 21 new people this last week.

I got to go on interchanges with the ZLs Friday -- it was pretty cool. I was with Elder Cañas from El Salvador in his area. It was cool to work with a Latino again, my Spanish has gotten a little rusty with all the Spanglish my companion and I have been speaking, hahaha.

Thursday we got stranded way out in the boonies of our area tracting. We didn't realize how far away we were until we looked at our watches and realized it was 30 minutes until our lunch appointment, and we were 2 hours walking distance from it. Luckily as we were walking along the highway some guy offered to give us a lift in the bed of his pickup truck. BALLER, he actually saved us and we got to give him a church pamphlet and our number.

Saturday was the baptism of Erika, of the Estrada Family. She's 11 and a baller. She was high key addicted to tea and did NOT want to give it up until we finally got the point across that tea = no baptism. So, she gave it up! This next weekend we'll be baptizing her sister, Karen, along with 2 other girls, and then her mom and brother the week after. And in church we had 5 friends there in total!

All in all, Manantial is a paradise. The people love us. I love them. This next week we're trying to combine baptisms with the Sisters we share the ward with for a total of 6 people that get baptized. Pray for us please, haha. It's a lot of logistics. I'll be busy doing baptismal interviews. I like being busy. Life is a dream. Love you all.

Elder Ashton


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