June 17, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

A Wild, Wild Week - Elder Ashton

Alright family
and friends, this last week was AWESOME!! So crazy, man it was a blast. Road
trips to Salta for my expiring visa, zone conferences, gringo stomach (this
time attacking me), nation-wide power outages, and dangerous hiking adventures.
Let's see how well I can explain it:

Salta trip
was a blast. Hung out with the office missionaries, negotiated with government
officials for a year more in the country. Caught some nice naps, beautiful
scenery, and just relaxed a little bit.

Zone conference
was amazing. President Orquera talked about the importance of having a vision
as a missionary -- which made me realize that I needed to define my vision --
what I want to happen during my time in the mission. It was awesome.

last week how I was making fun a little bit of Elder Pendlebury for being
sick?? This week it was my turn and BOI it was not fun -- pretty sure I lost
some weight haha. Who needs to do exercise to stay skinny when you can just
have a parasite?? HAhaha jkjk I don't THINK I have a parasite ha.

Father's Day, we woke up to a dark apartment, without hot water. We thought
that maybe just our block had lost power, that's fairly common here. But we got
to church and nope -- no power either. Talking to members we learned that all
of Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and parts of Bolivia were without power. WILD.
Sacrament meeting in the dark. Hahah only in South America.

Today we
went hiking in the straight RAIN FOREST. We got off the beaten path and super
lost hahha. Sister missionaries crying, lots of Elders saying "freaking
heck!" haha and all around a very wholesome experience. We found our way
out of the jungle like 3-4 hours after going in hahaa, but no lasting injuries
so we are all good. I laughed a lot haha.

No baptisms
this week but we're going to see if we can pull off 2 of them this week. Pray
for us please haha.

All in all
I'm loving life as always, having a great experience here in my mission.
Grateful for everything I have been blessed with.


Mom Notes:

1. Power outage: Argentine media reported that the outage was
linked to a failure in the transmission of electricity from the Yacycretá
hydroelectric dam. It affected Argentina, Uruguay, parts of Paraguay and Chile.

2. He says that they biggest problem they face in
terms of baptism is that people aren’t married.
They are living with their significant other. It is not beneficial to get married. People receive more assistance as a single
parent. This is why most of their
baptisms are children.


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