June 10, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

Fighting Politics - Elder Ashton

Hello family and friends, another week here in PARADISE, the city of Manantial, Tucumán!! The work is progressing here in my area, almost too fast for Elder Pendlebury and I to keep up with. Actually WAYYY too fast hahaa.

Politics: So this week was election week here in the province of Tucumán, which was actually ridiculous. Literally more campaign banners in the streets than people. Almost no one had time to listen to us or go to church because literally EVERYONE in the province was working for some politician. But elections were yesterday, so it's all over finally haha. Supposedly everyone is going have a lot more time to listen to us now.

Gringo Stomach: My companion, Pendlebury, has gotten absolutely WRECKED by gringo stomach this last week. For 2 full days we were trapped in the apartment, which gave me a BAD case of cabin fever. I can only mark my quad up so much haha.

Referrals???: So basically in my entire mission I have never received a referral from a member before. But my first day here the Molina Family gave us a BOMB referral of a man who was helping them fix their house, Martín. We've been teaching him since then, and Saturday he accepted a baptismal for this next Saturday, the 15th! Really makes me grateful for members who help out in the missionary work because referrals are the best gift you can give to a missionary.

"Elder": A family that we're teaching has named their new little puppy "Elder" in our honor, check the pictures!

This Week: is going be crazy. Tomorrow we has zone conference, Wednesday and Thursday we need to be in Salta because the government messed up and only gave me a year-long visa instead of one that lasted 2 years. Since I will officially be home in less than a year now, that throws me in the "illegal immigrant" category haha. Friday and Saturday we're going to be throwing everything together for Martín's baptism (fingers crossed).

All in all I'm loving life as always, I've come to realize that it's better to stop stressing and just go with the flow when things aren't going the way you want them to. Work with what ya got and all. Happy Flag Day and Father's day this week!!! Love YOU ALL!
-----Elder Ashton

Mom Notes:
1. He gets around town by walking or riding the buses. Some of his shoes are starting to come apart at the seams, and the heels are really worn.
2. He worries about how he is going to get people to come to church.
3. He has nicknames for everyone. He currently is using “Viejo.” It means old guy, but everyone uses it as like “bro” or “bruh.”


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