June 3, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

Manatial Miracles - Elder Ashton

So, this week was the BOMB. Elder Pendlebury and I hit the ground running, and let me tell you, Manatial doesn't know what has hit it.

Elder Pendlebury: the guy is a stud. He's from Idaho Falls, Idaho, and we have a ton in common. He swam in high school, loves to work, and is just a nice dude. He has about 7 months here in the mission field. He and I have developed a wicked version of Spanglish that we speak in WAYYY too often. It doesn't help the fact that we have members of our ward who speak fluent English hahaha.

New Responsibilities: So, this week I had to a do a baptismal interview for the first time. It was fun and all, but it burned some of the time we have to work in our area, which wasn't that exciting.

Manatial: Manatial is a ward with almost 1,000 members but only 90ish going to church. It is GIGANTIC, that's why we share the ward with the sisters. Pendlebury worked hard with his companion last transfer, because we have SO many investigators. Yesterday, we were doing some estimations on the baptisms we could have this month, and we are talking NINE baptisms just in this month. PSYCHED.

Teaching Drug Lords: So we've been teaching this one family, the Estradas, all week. They even came to church!! Everyone gave them weird looks when they came to church, which was super strange. After church the bishop asked us if we know who they really are, and we were like "no" and he was like "So the Estrada family is famous here in Manatial because all the brothers of the mother of the family are members of the Mafia and sell drugs. Biggest gangsters in all of Manatial." He then explained that the mom and he children actually weren’t mixed up with any of that, but that it is a good thing that we are teaching them now because now we got like full immunity of robbery and assault in northern Manatial. Hahaha I love the mission.

PDAY Adventures: Today we went to an animal reserve with my district (Elder Henderson, Elder Odar, Hermana Erickson, and Hermana Christiansen) with a couple new friends I've made from our ward, Janet, Abigayle (in the picture with Pendlebury and I) and Martin. It was lit I took a lot of pictures.

In the rest of the pictures you've got the Manatial missionaries, a drawing that a 5 year old made for my companion and I, and the whole gang from P-day today.

Loving life.
------Elder Ashton


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