May 27, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

Transferred - Elder Ashton

Hello family and friends, today I'm coming at yall from TUCUMÁN (not Frías, what??)!! Sunday was a wild day for Elder Lopez and I for sure, and here's why:

Sunday morning we got a call from the ZLs (zone leaders) telling me that I would be the one leaving (a curveball because of late in the group of trainers and greenies who have whitewashed, the greenies have been the ones that leave the area and normally the trainers stay one more transfer). I was a little sad at first because I've grown to love the "Fríenses" in my couple months I've been there. Then we went to church and it was rough, none of our investigators came AND the branch president forgot to come hhaha. So, then I was like "you know I don't think I'll miss Frías THAT much haha".

Then, later Sunday after church, I got a call from the Aps (assistants to the mission president), telling me I'm gonna be a DL (district leader) in my new area (rip, hahaha I feel so unprepared). Transfers came in finally and I was told I was gonna be with Elder Pendlebury here in Manatial 1 in Tucumán.

Don't know the guy all too well yet, we've been together for a whole 2 hrs now, haha but, he seems like a baller. He is from Idaho. I'll try and get a picture with him in my email next week.

All in all, I'm happy with transfers. I'm gonna miss Elder Lopez, my "hijito", we had a lotta fun together, and definitely grew spiritually whitewashing and training in Frías. We left the area WAY better than when we found it. In a couple weeks Lopez should be having a couple baptisms with his new companion. Meanwhile, Elder Pendlebury and I are gonna work a ton here in Manatial. We share a ward with 2 sister missionaries, Hermana Erickson and Hermana Anderson, so yeah it's gonna be a blast actually.

Lot's of love, happy Memorial Day!!
----------Elder Ashton


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