May 20, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

Blessed - Curse Broken - Elder Ashton

Hey family and friends!! This week was a real fun one for us. Here's why: Wednesday we had what is called a "tormenta blanca" (white storm) in Frías, which means that a ton of missionaries from the zone, all of them 3+ hours away, came to our area to work with us for a day! We had everyone tracting all day long while my district leader, Elder Ramirez, and I went on splits for our appointments and to do 2 baptismal interviews!! Elder Ramirez is so funny and honestly one of my favorite mission friends because he is from Buenos Aires, speaks perfect English, and has such a killer sense of humor. Needless to say, I died laughing that day. As a result of all the hard work of the missionaries of the zone, Elder Lopez and I received so many referencias for people to visit. We are excited to be contacting them in this coming week and seeing if they progress!! Sunday!!! In the morning before the normal Sunday services, we got to baptize Benja and Guada, from the Nieva-Mancilla family that we've been teaching for almost 3 months now. They were some of the first contacts we did here in Frías, and it was a really gratifying experience to see the twins’ entire into the waters of baptism and be confirmed members of the only true church. It was also great because these were the first baptisms of Elder Lopez, since he started his mission with me. It was rough starting out whitewashing the area but now we're seeing the fruit of our labors and it was just sweet. So, by baptizing here in Frías, we broke the year-long curse that has been resting upon Frías. It was June of 2018 the last time someone got baptized here. Pretty much resting here in legend status now as the Elder who broke the Frías curse jk hahaha. This next week is transfers, and between Elder Lopez and I we have NO idea who's gonna go and who's gonna stay. It's a jump ball since we both got to the area at the same time. It'll be sad for the one of us that goes because here in 2 weeks we have 2 more baptisms lined up. Now we've got the area pumping at high efficiency and Frías is gonna be the area where everyone wants to go here in a couple weeks. Pictures: baptism, soccer stadium in Frías, me with graffiti that says "GRINGO", and me with our baptismal font, that has so many patches in it that it looks less like a baptismal font and more like a duct tape work of art. Hahaha.
Love you guys,Elder Ashton

out. peace


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