May 13, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

Edifying Experiences - Elder Ashton

Hello family and friends! I wish all the moms out there a happy, day late mother’s day!! I got to talk to the family yesterday and haha it was awesome! They made fun of me for forgetting English and everything.

So, this week was a banger because I had the opportunity to really focus in and dedicate myself to the work of the Lord again. I had some great personal studies this week as I focused on searching in the scriptures about my weaknesses and how I can overcome them. I restudied my missionary plaque scripture, 2 Corinthians 12:9-10. I can glory in my weaknesses, because they are God's strengths. Also studying all of Alma's questions in Alma 5 was really edifying.

As I dedicated myself to the work more we saw our own little miracle here in Frías. Sunday we were prepped for the worst as the start time of church rolled around, and it was just 4 of us. But, by 9:40, ten minutes later, the little chapel had filled up. And then, literally a minute before the closing prayer, in walk the Nieva-Mancilla Family. Outta nowhere!! I wanted to hit a dab, but I couldn't because I was also conducting the music hahaha.

I'm normally not too big on spiritual thoughts in my emails or anything. I figure if you're hunting for that you can go find a conference talk or read the scriptures. But this week is different. Figure I'd share my testimony of the Book of Mormon. As I've read and studied from the book basically every day of my mission, I've felt the spirit testify to me and to my investigators of the truthfulness of the book. We are the only church that has it and as such it is our responsibility to live the doctrines within it!! We are so blessed. We have the truth. I feel blessed by the Book of Mormon. I know it's true.

I love you all. As one crazy homeless man told me this week "Life is like an egg. Sometimes it is what you want and sometimes out comes a baby chicken" (I know it doesn't make sense, he was crazy hahaha). Love you!!!
----Elder Ashton


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