April 29, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

The Grind Continues - Elder Ashton

So, this week was another great week in the work of the Lord. We worked our butts off this week, flying from one end of the city to the other. Appointments after appointments, and investigator after investigator. We were leaving the apartment early in the mornings, and spending as much time as possible in the streets. Saturday we were convinced that this week we were gonna have 4 baptisms. But, as it always happens, Frias had some other plans for us. The weekend wrecked us for sure, and here's why:

We started off Saturday with a lesson with Rocio. She's 13, and we've been teaching her in her friend's house, Maria Sol, who is a member. She had accepted a baptismal date for this coming Saturday, so naturally we had to go talk to her mom to get her permission for the baptism. The mom is super catholic and shut us down and told us her daughter is too young to make decisions like this. So, that blew.

Followed that up by hunting down Cuti, our 55 year old investigator who only needs to go to church one more time to get baptized. Long story short, we couldn't find her because she was in the hospital with her daughter all Saturday and Sunday, and as a result didn't go to church.

Ending with Guadalupe and Benjamín, twins (12 years old) who are part of the Nieva-Mancilla Family that we've been teaching for a while. Those 2 are the only ones that have wanted to get baptized, but they also both needed to go to church one more time. Their mom didn't bring them to church :(

So, at the end of it all, none of them went to church or will be getting baptized this week. At church I was soooooo frustrated (still am tbh). I just don't understand what is soooooo hard for these people. Like we invite and invite and invite, and they're all like "Yes Elder Ashton, please baptize me!!" And then they don't do anything to keep their commitments. frUStrAtED.

Elder Lopez and I had our first little "discussion” this week. Basically I was tired of tracting and so tbh I wasn't giving all my effort in our street contacts. Lopez got annoyed with my lack of effort and corrected me (fair). I responded not so nicely telling him if he's so perfect he can do all the contacts and then after that we both just kind of blew up. It's rough living with another dude 24/7. There's so many differences in personalities and cultures. So, we talked it out, said a quick little prayer to have the Spirit with us again, gave each other a bro hug and went back to work. If we don't have the Spirit with us when we are teaching we might as well not teach. I've learned that here in the mission.

In the pictures you've got me in front of a couple little Christian churches here that are basically just houses where people go to shout and scream praises to God and all that. Super weird. And a picture of the chapel here in Frias. Super tiny.

Love you all
----------Elder Ashton


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