April 22, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

A Nice Week of Work - Elder Ashton

So, this week was a banger, as usual. It was SO awesome to get to work in our area after pretty much 2 weeks of the area burning without us. We taught so many lessons this week, and were WAY more efficient because we got a new bike for my companion (remember how they robbed the last one?? haha).
So, it was a lot of parties for the birthday boi. Well, actually only 2 parties. One with a family in the capital of Santiago that I got to know in divisions with the elders here, and another with the entire branch Tuesday night for the birthday. I got to call my family afterward, which was awesome!
So, we had a baptism all planned out for this Saturday but at the last second, Cuti (the investigator her was hit by a car and was told had died, well she didn’t) canceled on us and didn't go to church, and as a result she can't get baptized because she needs 2 church attendances before she can hop in the baptismal font. So, we're pushing it to the next week, where we will also be baptizing a girl named Rocio if everything goes well. Rocio is a good friend of a young woman in our branch that we've reactivated recently. The member, María Sol, has been bringing Rocio to church. Rocio already has almost all the lessons, we just gotten talk to her mom to get her permission for the baptism, because she's 13. So, needless to say, we're pumped to have some baptisms here the next week here in our area that we're whitewashing. It's kind of a feat no lie.
In other news, the Nieva-Mancilla Family, who we've been teaching for a while now, finally came to church for the first time yesterday! It made me happy because we were about to have to drop them because they weren't really progressing. But now they are progressing, so we can keep visiting them!!
We found an anaconda this week. It was already dead with like it's guts spilling out and everything, but it's there in the pictures so check it out if you want. Hahaha it freaked me out so much when I saw it at first.
I'm loving the grind with Lopez out here in Frías. It's such hard work, I am so tired at the end of the day, but it's gratifying stuff. Lopez and I get along great, he's learned a lot of English haha. His favorite phrase would probably have to be "We are so poor" or maybe "I'm dying". Hahaha he kills me! The guy is a baller.
----Elder Ashton


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