April 15, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

WhooHoo B-day Week - Elder Ashton

Hello family and friends, it's Elder Ashton out here with a special edition of the weekly email this week, because tomorrow (April 16th) your boy hits the big 19! Yesterday we had a special birthday barbecue for me, my companion (who turned 19 Saturday) and another elder in our district, who turned 26 yesterday. It was pretty lit, and man I sure am grateful for the people of Argentina who take some time out of their lives to make a birthday cake for some American elders.

This week was a blast. Not productive, but a blast. From Tuesday—Friday we were in Salta for some meetings for trainers and their new missionaries. It was 10 hours in bus for Elder López and I, the lone missionaries from the desert wasteland of Frías. So that was fairly tiring, but it was SO awesome to see my friends here in the mission that are training with me. And it was good for López to see some of his friends from the MTC.

Unfortunately, the Salta trip left us with only 1 day (Saturday) to work in our area, so basically the entire week the area burned. We came back to a full out feud in the little branch of Frías, with a whole lot of drama for us to sort out. We couldn't really work with any of our investigators, and as a result no one came to church. We have to postpone Cuti's baptism as a result of her broken shoulder. The rest of the investigators for us aren't really progressing, which is rough because that means we're going to be tracting a lot again this transfer (not a big fan of tracting tbh).

Today marks the start of López and I's 2nd transfer together, so my man and I are chilling together for another 6 weeks. It'll be a blast.

Last week I caught a snake. All the sister missionaries were freaking out haha. Check out the pictures. I continue to hunt Catholic shrines (pictures).

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!! We'll probably spend it tomorrow working our butts off (as usual). No rest for the weary.

Love you all! If you guys want to give me a birthday present, go to Chick-fil-a and buy yourself a meal in my honor. You don't realize how good it is until you can't eat it hahahaaha


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