April 8, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

Loving Frias

Hello family and friends, this week was pretty darn good. We only had 2 days to actually work in the area, but they were a solid 2 days. Tuesday and Wednesday we were in Santiago capital doing divisions and interviews with President. Saturday and Sunday was conference, which only left us with Thursday and Friday to invite the whole city to conference. Interviews with President: I remember when I started my mission and I was actually nervous for interviews with President Orquera for some reason. But now I love interviews with Papi Orquera, because we're good ole friends now. In the interview we laughed about how hard my last area was (he says the sister missionaries that are whitewashing Tribuno are struggling right now and I was just like "Yeah been there done that hahaa"). He says he's happy I like Frías (#mightfinishmymissionhere jk).
Investigators: In Frías we have no shortage of people that want to listen to us. Getting into houses isn't a problem. The problem is that we invite all these people to read the Book of Mormon, to pray to know if it's true, to go to church, and they all say they're gonna do it. But NO ONE DOES IT!!! It's killing me! We checked, double checked, and triple checked with like 10 people that said they were gonna go to the chapel to see conference. Only 2 came!! Like, it's fine if you don't want to read the Book of Mormon, but then don't tell me you're gonna read it!! It's got me hysterical.
Conference: Wow what a conference!Iit knocked my socks off honestly. I was so convinced there were gonna be big time changes (like cutting mission time) so I kind of had expectation that my mission would be ending in December and not June 2020 but boi were we all wrong. I really like Holland's talk and I would have loved if every member of the church in Argentina had listened and taken notes on it because BOI do they need to apply it haha.
I'm trying to do a better job taking pictures now that all my photos were erased, so enjoy the highlights of the week below. In other news of the week, we finally killed one of the rats that has been living as our unwanted pet since we got here. Frías got flooded Friday, as you can see in my pictures. Our investigators have some really cute puppies.
Love you all, see you next week!-----------Coop


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