April 1, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

This Week Did Not Treat Us Too Well - Elder Ashton

Hello friends and family, I hope you all are doing well! As you can see from the title, this week wasn't our best hahaha. I'll give you all a quick run through of the week. Here we go:
1. As you know last Sunday I burned my hand. It's healing up pretty good now don't worry, but it didn't exactly start the week off well haha.
2. We went into on of the "humbler" neighborhoods of our area and got pegged with slingshots. I went to the hood rats to ask them if we could help them with anything (very politely of course) and they responded by pegging me again. I was about to take off my plaque and give them a piece of my mind (or fist, either one) but Elder Lopez set a good example for me and got me to walk it off.
3. The next day we went into the same neighborhood and we got robbed. It's a long story but basically they pulled a wicked trick on us and ended up robbing one of my companion's bike. I tried to chase the guys down on my bike but I'm not allowed to leave my companion behind, so I couldn't get it. Sooo mad!
4. We ran out of money.
5. Our phone stopped working so we lost all communication with the outside world. For 3 days. President Orquera thought we had died, the branch president was freaking out, apparently members of the branch thought Elder Lopez and I were out being bad missionaries and going to parties and stuff but nope just our stupid phone died.
6. Worst news of the week. The woman we were gonna baptize, "Cuti" passed away. ;(( It is such a bad situation but we're helping out the family and everything. RIP
7. The branch president didn't even come to church Sunday hahahaha.
There was more, but I forgot hahaha. But yes, that was our week. I don't tell you this to have a pity party, but rather to show you all that even though we had a sucky week, we haven't let it get us down and we are still having a blast in Frias. I've felt the help of the Savior this week as we were suffering a little but and in my personal scripture study I ran into my favorite scripture, Alma 36:27 that talks about having Christ strengthen us through our trials.
Pumped for General Conference this next week. No pictures because there was an accident and I lost all my pics from the entire mission which sucks big time but oh well what are ya gonna do.
Love you all.--------Elder Cooper Ashton
Mom notes"
1. The woman they were teaching that passed away was hit by a car.
2. His hand is a nice shade of purple now.
3. He has bruises from getting hit with rocks from the slingshot.
4. He seems happy, even though he had a rough week.


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