March 25, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

Frias Gang - Elder Ashton

So, this week was another banger in the books. Elder Lopez and I are actually killing the missionary game, not to brag or anything. I'm fairly certain I'm gonna ask President to stay here for the rest of my mission in the next interview I have with him. It's actually so fun living 100s of miles from the next closest missionaries. It's just Lopez, me, and the best branch in the world, Frías!
So, if I have spelling mistakes in the email, forgive me. Yesterday we had another Chef Ashton and Chef Lopez in the apartment because no one gave us food, and I was frying up some milanesas (like giant chicken nuggets) when I accidently knocked the pan of boiling oil all over my right hand. After a fair share of waterworks, shouting, and a trip to the emergency room, begging the doctor to just amputate my hand, and 5 hrs of quality Argentine hospitals, it was decided that I had 2nd degree burns all over my right hand. It sucks big time and let’s just say I'm pounding the pain meds, a lot, but I'm getting better (I think). So I'm typing with one hand right now haha. If yall could send some prayers my way so that my hand gets better before our baptism next week, it'd be super appreciated!
So, baptism next week!! We don't know exactly how we're gonna swing it, but we have my main lady Cuti (real name Gladys) wants to get baptized big time, even though next week is General Conference. Haha honestly loving the Frías life big time.
We could be baptizing even more people right now but the big struggle for the Argentine people is getting to church. For some reason asking someone to come to church at 9:30 in the morning is like asking them to desecrate their mom's grave or something. My companion calls them relaxed and I call them lazy couch potatoes. But it's fine haha.
I'm making the habit of trying to get a picture in front of every shrine to every Catholic Saint here in the mission. This week in the pictures we have featured my main saint "Gauchito Gil". His legend is that he was like a Robin Hood type guy here in northern Argentina. They pray to him to take money away from the rich people and to give it to the poor.
Also, in the pictures we've got me in my companion's glasses, me in the hospital bed, and the picture from a month ago with the entire mission and Elder Renlund from the Quorum of the 12.
Love you all, want you to know that I'm living the life! I wouldn't change my life right now for the world. To the people who are trying to decide if they want to serve a mission or not, here's my advice: do it. You won't regret it, not even for a minute.
Love Elder Ashton
Mom notes:
1. I was able to video chat with Cooper. His hand looked pretty gross. It was all coated up with cream. They originally told him that they were going to keep him over night in the hospital, but then they ran out of medicine and said that they couldn’t do anything for him. He was in pain last night but was able to sleep. He was able to go to the pharmacy this morning and get medicine and cream.
2. He has a rat problem in his apartment. They were pretty sure that they had rats. They had seen the droppings and heard them, but didn’t see them until the whole burning hand and screaming incident. They are trying to exterminate the rats themselves.


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