March 18, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

Just A Branch Thing -- Elder Ashton

Whaddup friends and family, another week down and out killing the missionary work here in Frias. Hahah, I had forgotten what being in a branch was like, so yeah haha
funny stories for you this week. So, Elder Lopez and I have worked our butts off this week. We found TWENTY-SIX new investigators just this week, which is a big record for me. We tracted the garbage out of the area, and as a result we have lots of investigators to teach. We're teaching full families. Our best and most promising one being the Nieva-Mancilla family. They love us, and think we're so hilarious, and all accepted baptismal dates for April 13th!! (my companion’s birthday).
Funny story time, so yesterday morning (Sunday) it was raining super hard and I had completely forgotten that
in branches when it rains no one comes to church. So, me and my companion get there on time, and the next thing you know it's 9:40 (10 minutes after it was supposed to start) and the branch president rolls in. One of our investigators comes in, and one other member also shows up. Haha so, a jolly group of 5 in church yesterday. I was a mixture of annoyed (with the members, who think rain is an excuse to not come to church) and the other part of me thought it was
just the most hilarious thing in the world. As I blessed the sacrament and my
companion took it to the whole 4 of us, I was just like “Hahhaha I just have to laugh about this now because in a year or so I won’t be in branches anymore, so
better to enjoy it while it lasts” haha. So, that's what I did.
Here in the pictures I have our 3-generational trainer-greenie pictures (me with my trainer and my greenie). Also, me in front of a shrine to one of the Catholic
Saints here, “San la Muerte” (saint of the death).
Long story short I'm having a blast and am loving what I'm doing. Wouldn't trade this for the world.
Love you guys, thanks for all your support. I hear my man Josh Hilton is opening up his mission call tonight,
big congrats to him wherever he goes. Peace
------Elder Cooper Ashton
Mom's note: I love how you can tell how long a missionary has been out by the shade of white of his shirt. You can see the new missionary has the bright white shirt. Cooper's is less white, and his trainers is even less white.


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