March 11, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

Training and Whitewashing... with my Mexican Son- Elder Ashton

So as far as getting put outside my comfort zone, this week REALLY did it to me haha. First of all, my area: Frías, Santiago del Estero: We are 3 and a half hours from the nearest other set of missionaries. Literally soooo far out in the boonies, 100s of miles out in the middle of a burning hot desert. Frías is a little pueblo (town) that reminds me a lot of my first area, Aguilares, Tucumán. It's the hottest area in the mission, basically a part of the province of Catamarca, which is a part of the Argentina Resistencia Mission. It is a small little branch of 20-member-attendance. The branch president hates the missionaries because of bad past missionaries (love cleaning up messes!) and the previous missionaries left the area in pretty bad shape. No investigators or anything. The area hasn't baptized since I've been in the mission (rare for our mission). Elder López and I are the first missionaries to whitewash the area since 2005.
My Son: So in missionary vocabulary, the greenie that gets trained is called "hijito" (little son) and the trainer (me) is named the "papi" (daddy). So my little son is Elder López, from Mexico City, Mexico. He's a baller. His birthday is 3 days before mine (his April 13, mine the 16th), and he even knows a good amount of English. It's been a blast with him thus far and a can't wait to keep working with him. I'm sorry for the lack of pictures, new area and I haven't figured out how to upload them in this cyber yet. Next week I'll try haha.


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