March 4, 2019

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Miranda Ashton

I'm Gonna Be Doing.....What?-Elder Ashton

Hello friends and family. This week was one for the books. Elder Holmes and I pulled a baptism outta nowhere, and transfers BLEW our minds. So to start, the baptism was real lit. We prepared Guadalupe so well. She listened to all the lessons, passed the interview, and all her inactive family went to her baptism Saturday, and confirmation Sunday! Super awesome!
Then we get transfer calls. My District Leader called and was like, "Elder Ashton, your not gonna believe this but... you're gonna be training next transfer, and you'll be whitewashing... Frias". So this was a big order to begin with, training and whitewashing at the same time, but the area where I'll be doing it is Frias, in the province of Santiago del Estero. It's the hottest Death Valley hot, and no one has baptized in Frias since I've been in the mission. Super hard! Wednesday I'll find out who my companion will be. Until then I'll be hanging out here in the mission offices. We'll see how it goes. I'm sure it'll be a blast. My 2 best buddies in the mission, Elder Blackburn and Elder Perkins, are both training with me too. So I'll get to see them Tuesday night. So excited!
1. Baptismal picture, dabbing because I was so happy.
2. Last picture with my favorite sister missionary in the mission, Sister Mora. She goes home tomorrow, she's been so funny haha.
3. Me with a butterfly.
4. Us with our American friend, who plays profession basketball here in Salta. Updates about my companion coming next week. Love you all.

--Elder Ashton

Fun Facts:
1. Frias is the furthest location from the mission office. It is about an 8 hour drive. But, he says the bus ride will be about 12 hours. It is further south than his previous area in Aguilares.
2. Its population is around 26,000 people.
3. Frias claim to fame is it is the first place where a marriage between persons of the same sex occurred in Argentina, July 2010.


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